Cassandra Leoncini has been an avid
student of astrology since the early 1970's,
and a practicing astrological counselor since the 1980's.  Her graduate level academic training includes archetypal psychology and symbolic anthropology.   Her love of mythology and storytelling seems to be grounded in her cellular memory!

Astrology is a vital, transformative tool 
for divining our life's deepest purpose.  
The wide range of myth, metaphor and symbolism expressed in any chart requires that the astrologer use both her rational intellect and irrational intuition .  
Only when the astrologer is capable 
of translating these dimensions, like a shaman returning from her journey, 
does a chart reading become a practical, meaningful experience.  

Come journey with me, 
on the Trail of Conscious Love.  

"Wow, what a reading that was yesterday,
and I can't thank you enough!  It makes so much sense, I now have a much better sense of what 
I can actually do to move things forward. 
 It really helped me to clarify what challenges  I've been facing and to see a different perspective.  You have a gift of synthesizing what can be complex information in a way that makes it easier to comprehend, as well as illuminating what practical steps can be taken 
to implement the process.  Thanks so much!    
---Felicia Libo, 
The Stones of Stenness, Orkney, Sept 2009

The intersection of the past and the future 
is alive with each step we take. 
 How will you use your power here & now?

"I have worked with a number of astrologers, but you are the first with whom I feel there is a copasetic energy at work.  You have clearly found the right calling.  Not only are you very gifted at reading and interpreting charts, what  I  further appreciate is the collaborative effort toward working things out, the dialoguing and the give and take, along with your willingness to look at things and see if there's more to be gleaned.  Thanks so much."     --Lisa, Albuquerque


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