Soul Work for 
People in Transition

​     Birth Charts      
Relocation Charts
Relationship Charts

Tarot Card Readings

   Full Chart                                     $125
For First-Time Clients
Includes Natal, Transits, Progressions

   Full Chart                                      $100
For Returning Clients

   Relationship Chart                    $250
Couples, Family, Business 

   Relocation Chart                        $100

Astrological Tarot Reading              One Hour                                      $50
 To schedule your Session, email Cassandra

All sessions are recorded, whether in person
 or on the phone/Skype.

"You are an artist with this stuff, you pegged things that were "known" but slithering under a rock preferring to be "unknown."  That's what we strive to do, now isn't it--illuminate that which wants to hide--shine a light on the dark places!        
Thank you  so much!                --A fellow astrologer

Holy Smokes!  I'm still spinning.  Women have always been important to me in my life, you know that.  And now, you have guided me to the leading edge of WHY.  And WHY I have not been satisfied.  There is no fault.  I needed your help to see: when the student is ready the teacher appears.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.      --DW,  New Mexico