January 2014

The interlocking wheels of the Cosmos turn, our Sun spirals, the Earth tilts 
and whirls and dances in her own blue circles. As she dances, our Great Mother planet Gaia breathes our souls in and out of incarnation.  

Imagine 350 miles of atmosphere blanketing the breathing Earth, a living womb protecting all her life below. Imagine that every earthbound soul 
arises from those aethers. Each one is spun from electro-magnetic vibrations 
in the currents, like cotton candy twirled ‘round a cone of DNA.

Mother Earth inhales, and every minute, 250 fairy-crystal human souls
are born of her flesh and breath. She exhales, and every minute 100 souls 
pass back into her airy womb.  Such are the human statistics of life and death on this planet.  And such is my interpretation of the Mother's  rhythmic planetary breathing, in and out, birth and death.  

As we take our first breath after birth, our earthbound soul is crystallized 
by the cosmic wheels and the sun’s spiral and the earth’s dance at that precise 
moment. A one-of-a-kind snowflake pattern is embedded in the DNA 
of every cell, there to be recognized and honored by those with eyes to see. 

Now, the astrological arts run the gamut, from mundane lost & found 
queries to the sacred trust of tracking the soul’s journey. I refer to the 
birth chart as a Labyrinth because, symbolically, such is the soul’s 
trajectory—a multi-dimensional walk to the Center and back out again.

To gauge where we are in the process at any given moment requires a 
Wild perspective. That kind of perspective happens outside of linear time, outside human convention. We need to feel the sensation of cycles within cycles within cycles: dovetailing and separating and dovetailing again. 
This is similar to our inborn awareness of how the Earth accelerates at 
each equinox and stills at each solstice, turning and changing direction. 

Stop now, and take a few deep breaths of Earth’s soul. Go to the level of 
perception at which you know this rhythm. It will sync with the beating 
of your heart, not the ticking of your clock.

* * * *

In the great Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth, there are 12 circuits or spirals, including the Center point--one for each sign of the zodiac. There are 28 
“U” turns on the path and 28 lunar notches on the circumference—both 
signify the moon’s monthly orbit around the Earth. There are four 
quadrants, just as in a birth chart, marking the “horizon” line (equator) 
and the “north|south” axis. Look at how the U-turns occur along these energetic axes—step into the magnetic field and you switch polarity. 

At the Center is the six-petaled celestial rose. It is our gravitational center. 
It is the cosmic womb from which we are perpetually reborn, the void space 
of integration. Some might call it Pisces.  

There are many ancient labyrinth designs, but the Chartres Cathedral motif speaks most eloquently to me. Even the deeply Christian elements have 
their roots in indigenous Earth-based wisdom. So when we explore your 
birth chart using this many-layered symbolic design as an ‘overlay’ we are expanding our framework to include the Everyday eternal. We move fluidly back and forth like retrograde planets from one quadrant into the next, activating the sensitive angles and moving always toward the integrative 
center in a “one step forward, two steps back” dance.  Now you see it, now 
you don’t, let’s sing that refrain again.

In the archetypal Labyrinth of our birth charts, there is no rational 
explanation for our pathway. To discover where we stand in the moment, 
we must step outside the lines and regard the Whole. You can do this by expanding your ‘Core Consciousness,' by looking with your ‘Third Eye’ or through your ‘Higher Heart.’  No matter which practice you use, it means accessing your Authentic Self.  

From that ego-less perspective we can give name to whatever is out of 
balance and ready for integration. We can walk that unbalanced bundle through the frightful night like a squalling babe in arms, crooning his name until we’ve found the proper rhythm and set him to dream in peace. 

We can also lay claim to what is in balance, walking it through the 
unforgiving light of day, like a beloved grandparent. We listen to her croon 
our name until we’re ready to release her and so face the unknown alone.

To properly name something is to break its spell. We do this over and over 
(or at least nine times--see the Deer Walks Ceremony), until there is no 
more need to judge aspects of self as in or out of balance.  

Exploring the birth chart in this fashion is good work if you can get it. 
There are few souls among us who are willing to face the difficult truth 
of the journey—that it is a relentless turning and returning through the
long day and longer night. And fewer still who are willing to accept that 
it is ultimately a solitary passage. Only the realization that we are all 
solitary sojourners together seems to offer any solace. 

The honest weaving of this web is why we’re here on Earth. She requires 
our integrity of consciousness as much as we need one another’s. Our awakened awareness and participation is Her solace.

             And you? Are you ready to awaken to your Labyrinth Dream?

Your Birth Chart as a Labyrinth