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Astrology is a Reflection of our Co-Creating with the Planets & Stars


A training course will begin this fall for the purpose of discovering Renewable Wisdom for future generations.
Together we will discover and integrate guidelines and protocols for wholistic consciousness to help steer us through “information overload.” We will form and plant the seeds of a foundation for Whole Earth Sustainability. This is called Lighting the Eighth Fire. Planting the seeds for lighting the Eighth Fire maintains a lineage compatibility with the ancestors of all species! We invite all conscious pioneers to participate. Guy Eagle Gilleshammer will be our moderator and guide.  

*  The ten session (conducted by phone conference) course explores the protocols and guidelines for daily living     based on Presence and Awareness,with a focus on the first Protocol of Inclusivity.
*  The course will include teaching assignments between sessions choreographed to help us integrate/complete the protocols experientially.
*   Each session will end with thirty minutes of Q & A.
*   Discussions will be held Tuesday evenings, 6 p.m - 8 p.m M.T., beginning September 19th and continue               every Tuesday evening through November 28th (excluding November 21).
*   The course fee is $400. Payment arrangements can be arranged to suit your needs.

*    Classes are open for newcomers to begin at any time.  
*   Course II on Discovery of Renewable Wisdom will begin in January 2018.

Please notify Cassandra Leoncini of your intention if you would like to participate. Your registration also requires a Paypal payment for the first two sessions ($80)payable to Guy Eagle. Along with your registration, please notify Cassandra of dates you know you will not be able to attend. Each session will be recorded and a link to the transcript made available shortly after the session. If you miss a session, it is your responsibility to listen to the missed session and to not fall behind on weekly assignments.

   Cassandra Leoncini (970) 529-3572

  Jean Altshuler (505)471-2867

Guy Lone Eagle is a philosopher and teacher of the Midiwin Mash Kiki Hey (Ancestral Medicine Ways), and has a
Masters degree in Theology with Environmental Emphasis. With skill & integrity, he bridges contemporary western society and the universal intelligence of nature. Lone Eagle educates in a three cornered methodology of science, craft and art. A blessing by Elders continues as long as the education creates a harmonic entry into nature’s wisdom.

The Deer Walks Ceremony 2017
Whenever you are Ready
Location:  Right Where You Are
Guided by:  Cassandra Leoncini​

The Deer Walks Ceremony is a three-month experiential intensive for those who are ready to commit to the next level of personal integration.  You will conduct this personally-guided ceremony wherever you are during that time period.  We will work together regularly through one-on-one phone calls as well as by group conference calls if several participants begin their ceremony together.  ​​
The next group Deer Walks Ceremony will begin August 6, 2017

With guidance from Cassandra and your birth chart, each participant will identify nine aspects of their lives that have been denied, misunderstood, projected, lost, or amplified in some significant way.  These nine experiences will be walked, one by one, into your natural environment, where the Deer walk.  Your nine walks and the ritual work associated with each are made sacred (whole) through your direct connection with the Genius Loci--the creative, intelligent spirit of any particular place.  
This is natural magic!

Your twelve-week commitment is a sacred trust that you undertake with your Authentic Self. 
For more information or to register, please contact Cassandra.             Fee:  $300
Mobile: 970 529-3572       Email: