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Astrology is a Reflection of our Co-Creating with the Planets & Stars

writing round the trees
​a transformational writing retreat

Expand your Presence - Expand your writing
October 14 - 18, 2020

Located in the beautiful Dolores River Valley
Between Telluride and Dolores, Colorado

​Open to all writers--of fiction and nonfiction, poetry and journals, published and unpublished
On the Nature of Creation...
Slip on your transformational glasses      and read between the lines, or color       outside them! This is not your English teacher's writing workshop. 
The 'natural world,' which we so rationally disconnect ourselves from, is the wellspring of all Creativity. And our words, they are the breath, or 'Ruach' of that well. Ruach   is what our writing retreat muse Lilith would call that connection--she who was expelled from the Garden for her brazen truth-tellling. It is the very breath of life,   of spirit, the Word made corporeal.  

Retreat Information & Registration details
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The Deer Walks Ceremony 

Whenever you are Ready to Walk with Mystery
Location:  Right Where You Are
Guided by:  Cassandra Leoncini​

The Deer Walks Ceremony is a three-month experiential intensive for those who are ready to commit to the next level of personal integration. You will conduct this personally-guided ceremony wherever you are during that time period. We will work together regularly through one-on-one phone calls as well as by group conference calls if several participants begin their ceremony together.  ​​

With guidance from Cassandra and your birth chart, each participant will identify nine aspects of their lives that have been denied, misunderstood, projected, lost, or amplified in some significant way. These nine experiences will be walked, one by one, into your natural environment, where the Deer walk. Your nine walks and the ritual work associated with each are made sacred (whole) through your direct connection with the Genius Loci--the creative, intelligent spirit of any particular place.  
This is natural magic!

Your twelve-week commitment is a sacred trust that you undertake with your Authentic Self. 
For more information or to register, please contact Cassandra.             Fee:  $350
Phone:  970-564-3505       Email: [email protected]